Hardy Henderson

Member Since 1980

Funeral Director and Location Manager at Colonial Funeral Home

Words to live by: "You can get use to anything but a rock in your shoe."


Jan Senecal

Member Since 1992

US Army, Infantry for 27 years


Words to live by: "Do your Best!"

Charles Haskins

Member Since 1995

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Tom Palmer

Member Since 2004

US Navy 2 Yrs. USAF 18 Yrs

Words to live by: "Be courteous."

Cindy Newton

Member Since 2009

Business Office Manager


Words to live by: "Treat others as you would like to be treated."

Howie Egbert

Member Since 2011

USAF 25 years

Favorite Kiwanis project: Happy Hearts which supports at risk elementary school children with food and clothing throughout the school year

Lily Montgomery

Member Since 2012

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Lauri Bliss

Member Since 2018

Past microbiology lab technician at University Hospital

Favorite memory with GRAK: Giving food and gifts at Christmas time to families


Dave Thomas

Member Since 1980

USAF 30 years

Favorite Kiwanis project: Pancake Day. Everyone shows up to help and it’s fun!


Larry Milton

Member Since 1987

US Army 26 years 

Favorite Kiwanis project: Texas Ramp Project - providing a gratis gift of freedom for those that need a ramp

Daisy Richardson

Member Since 1998

USAF 20 years

Why I joined Kiwanis: Desire to help children have a better place to learn and live.

Mendell Morgan

Member Since 2006

Director of El Progreso Memorial Library in Uvalde, Texas

Why I joined Kiwanis: To honor God through service that helps others

Sammie Ellis

Member Since 2009

Coming soon

Terry May

Member Since 2010



Favorite Kiwanis project: Christmas shopping for kids - pure joy of the kids who get to shop for Christmas on their own.

Trini Cantu

Member Since 2018

USAF 20 years

Words to live by: "Do not fear the unknown."